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What makes the difference between the human being  and other beings on  earth is our intelligence.


Despite of this we only use a minimal part of it, specially children from 0 to 3 years.


Along the first 3 years of life we all develop abilities to think, speak, and learn which will have great consequences in the future.


What we learn from 0 to 3 years means the foundations of our lifes.


If we don´t increase and stimulate brain activity in early ages we are limiting our possibilities.




the school

Our kids´ education starts the day they are born. When choosing the most suitable nursery school for them we are choosing the base of their education. Parents give such a great importance to the perfect primary school, why don´t they give it to the perfect nursery school?


Children from 0 to 3 years have an unlimited ability of learning. SUPERMAMY takes advantage of this and makes the most of this stage which holds the base up of our children life.



our methodology

Our management team plans the school year according to each level, so objectives are well defined from the beginning. First, second and third term planning are also coordinated between levels, so schedules complement each other. Activities along levels follow the same methodology and teaching line. Resources are selected in order to get an enjoyable learning which we evaluate at the end of each term.


Apart from this, our children receive great motivation and excitement they come to school with.


In order to do a high-quality job the number of children we work with in our school is limited. We treat every child in an exclusive way and this is possible because of the few children we have in each level.



our team

Professional qualification is very important to develop any work. Working with little kids is for us clearly vocational and someone needs to be willingly qualified, and experienced to work with them. We all have degrees in infant education and we are pretty conscious about the heritage we leave in children and the role model we are for them.


We daily work with children and families to get of this a way of life. Their learning mean for us great satisfactions too. We are lucky to check in them our effective team work.


our facilities

To make our project possible we need a peaceful area, outdoors, large enough to learn and play. We chose Villa Europa, a residential area full of trees and noiseless because of the natural surroundings.


Each detail in the school is thought to make it the most suitable place for children. Facilities have been authorised by the Spanish regional government of Andalusia and they firmly obey the regulations for nursery schools.


Illuminated and happily decorated the school has four rooms. All of them are provided with central heating, air conditioning and wooden floor. They also follow all safety and hygiene guidelines. With these we absolutely get a comfortable and warm place for our children.



Setting foundations
A funny atmosphere
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Setting foundations Our activities have certain approach; to work with habits and carry out essential values for life. Education starts from little things which are developed as children grow up: To play having fun and sharing. To pick and tidy our things. To eat all kind of food without standing up. To respect others.To sleep in time. We teach them how to be independent, self-sufficient and confident.
Activities in a funny atmosphere Music, art, history, the city of Seville, little projects our children do, recipes…are some activities included in our programme among others. Daily work and activities are developed in a funny atmosphere, both inside (classroom) and outside (garden), taking advantage of our fantastic weather conditions and peace because of the location.
English Did you know that little kids keep forever the sounds they hear? The faster you start learning a second language the better you learn and that´s why we give great importance to English language in our school. Speaking english is becoming more important with time. Our aim is to make our student become comfortable with english since early ages. We teach them english not as foreign language but in the same way we acquire our mother tongue.
Swimming Always thinking in practical and funny activities for our children we include swimming in our programme from 1 to 3 years. During the last term taking advantage of the weather conditions, we arrange an exclusive course just for SUPERMAMY. Once a week we do swimming. The results have been fantastic until now and very practical when summer is coming. Swimming also let us to improve psychomotor activity, avoid risks in summer and gain independence. We have a heated pool and it has the perfect size for children.
Eurokinder The association Eurokinder is an initiative of Europa International School together with Supermamy CEI and other schools. We bet for the promotion of educational quality standards in the early childhood education. Thanks to this agreement Supermamy actively collaborates with the Europa International School in the promotion of activities that enrich our educational project: excursions, workshops, informative talks, concerts, in addition to the exclusive teaching of English classes in our school. All Supermamy students who enroll in Europa International School obtain a discount of 50% on the amount of the initial fees. With this agreement, we make visible the close relationship that we have maintained with the School for more than 10 years, allowing the continuity of our quality educational project and its effectiveness in the development and education of all our students.
Apply for a place In order to do a high-quality job the number of children we work with in our school is limited. To know further details about us, come to visit our school and our team. E-mail address: info@supermamy.es Telephone number: 954 71 61 92 Cell number: +34 652 413 673 We also assist your request through Skype if you ask for it by e-mail

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A world of things to do All the activities we develop in our school adjust to children psycho-evolutive stage according to general objectives of infant education, for first cycle in general and specifically in our school. Our kids don´t stop surprising us all with their learning.

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